CEO, Carol Koffinke, Interviewed on American News Report

June 20, 2013 10:15 am

Beacon’s President and CEO, Carol Koffinke, was interviewed on the development of a new product called VOICE (Value Optimized by Integrating Change Effectively), a standardized methodology for integrating companies that are joining forces as a result of a merger or acquisition. The article was featured on the first page of Google headlines on Wednesday, June 19th.

Why Do Mergers and Acquisitions Fail?

By Ed Coghlan

“So, why did we buy that company anyway?”

It’s a question that many company executives that merge or acquire other companies ask themselves when the expected benefit of the merger or acquisition doesn’t materialize.

“Between 60-to-80 percent of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their merger goals,” according to a Baltimore area woman whose firm helps companies navigate the complexities of integrating mergers and acquisitions.

“It is the actual integration where most mergers fail to achieve their stated goals,” stated Carol Koffinke, President and CEO of Beacon Associates of Bel Air, Maryland.

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