Our Company

Beacon is a company of leaders putting people at the center of winning solutions.


Our mission is to partner with our clients to help them achieve their desired outcomes.  These partnerships are founded in integrity, collaboration, and commitment to excellence.  By offering the best people, thought leadership, and innovation, our clients can count on winning solutions that will bring them top performance. We believe high expectations create a climate of high performance, and we promote and thrive in such a climate.


Be an indispensible and valuable partner of choice to our clients by combining our thought leadership, exceptional people, and deep experience to deliver winning solutions. Our clients seek us out because of our track record of successful outcomes and our ability to enrich every person and organization we touch.

We attract the best people by providing the opportunity to realize their full potential. Beacon is a place to excel and a great place to work.  We develop leaders.  We have a welcoming, entrepreneurial environment where everyone’s opinions matter and ideas are encouraged. All are inspired to be the best.

We extend our expertise and resources through our network of partners, suppliers, and associates to further empower and enhance winning solutions to our clients.


Our People: Our number one asset is our people. We care about our people and their development as leaders. We support each other in our goal to achieve personal excellence. Beacon people want to excel and achieve high results. We believe in a healthy balance between work and home. Family is important to us.

Our Commitment to Excellence:  We are not satisfied with clients just being satisfied. We want them to be overjoyed and know that they are working with the best when they work with Beacon.

Collaboration:  We collaborate with our customers to deliver outstanding solutions.  We collaborate with each other to maximize the many strengths available to us.  Collaboration is a way of life for us.  Our egos step out of the way while we create solutions without creating obstacles to impede success.

Service:  A service mentality overlays all that we do whether our interactions are with customers or each other.  We welcome opportunities to serve and will do whatever it takes to deliver.

High Expectations:  We believe that our people have an innate desire to be the best they can be, so we hold ourselves and each other to a value of high expectations.  We believe that we will thrive in such an environment and that high expectations create a climate of high performance.

Integrity and Respect:  We act with honesty and integrity at all times. Our word is our bond. We respect each other. We embrace civility and diversity