Performance DNA

Our Methodology: Performance DNA™

Performance DNA™ is based on the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) philosophy that understands the underlying causes of organizational behavior. It identifies the key processes or behaviors of performance that move an organization into the direction it seeks. It can virtually be applied to any organizational pain-point to uncover ways to move through it and achieve better results.
There are normally four phases that are part of Performance DNA™, and we work with each individual client to customize them for best results: Business Analysis, Performance Analysis, Key Performer Analysis, and Influence Analysis.

Proven Examples of Success

  • Saved total of $2.6M at DHS Center for Domestic Preparedness—equivalent to 10% of our contract value todate)goals
    • Cost avoidance of nearly $100,000 as a result of the Adobe Reader for iPads application implemented for classroom-based training
    • Enhancement of the electronic-based strategy, Rapid Assignment Accountability Manager (RAAM) database applications and the Student Transportation Management (STM) system