Our History

Beacon: The Power of People

In just over ten years, Beacon has grown from a single proprietorship to a hyper-growth corporation with over 250 employees. What has been the secret to this success? Beacon’s Executive Team provides the insight that success comes from many places, including hard work and good luck, but at the heart of it is our people.

The Beginning: a courageous career change

Beacon founder, Carol Koffinke, spent years as a music and English teacher. She later began a successful career in hospital management, and by the time she was in her 40s, her career was humming. She was promoted 6 times in 7 years. The success was deserved, but the quickly in-creasing responsibility was challenging.

“At one point,” Koffinke laughed, “I walked into the office of a new department. I said to the administrative assistant, ‘This is completely new to me. If I’m not doing something right, just hit me over the head.’” Carol had an attitude of I can do anything, and if she didn’t know how, “I would learn.”

But despite her stellar performance, this speeding career was quickly derailed.

“I was downsized twice in five years,” said Koffinke.

After the second layoff, Koffinke did not want to return to the hospital industry. Instead, she decided to use her knowledge and experience to help others in their careers. While young, 20-something entrepreneurs are the ones who usually make the headlines, it takes more than the usual dash of courage to start a new business after age 50—but that’s exactly what Carol Koffinke did.

Beacon Associates incorporated in 2001, with Carol Koffinke as the sole employee. Initially, her goals were humble.

“I had absolutely no thought of building a company around management consulting,” she said. “That’s why I called it Beacon Associates. I would do what I was good at, and I figured I would bring in associates to provide other things the customer might need.”

Luck, skill, and the support of great leadership led Koffinke down a different path. Her “associates” have become a company of leaders, with a formal Executive Team, Leadership Team, and over 250 employees.

“It’s always been in the Executive Team’s vision to grow big,” she said—and they are on their way. Today, Beacon has generates revenue of over $25 million per year.