Information Technology

Beacon is not a typical information technology (IT) company with the goal of selling software, hardware, or even services.  Our technology services are designed to directly impact our customer’s organizational outcomes. We’ve taken over 10 years of experience in performance improvement and integrated it with our IT capabilities to ensure that our services are aligned with your strategic goals.

We select technology for its ability to support your business needs and implement it with the buy-in and processes required to support its effective utilization.  We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction and stand by our promise for higher productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and relevancy of investment.

Whether you require the integration of technology in a way that supports your organization’s business outcomes or more freedom to focus on your mission, Beacon is the right partner to build a roadmap for success.

  • IT Service Management
    • Business Analysis
    • IT Planning
    • Project Management
    • Change Management
    • Application Development


  • Knowledge Management
    • Planning and Design
    • Document and Data Management
    • Collaboration System
    • Application Development


  • IT Support
    • Cloud Administration
    • Development Operations
    • Document and Data Management
    • Database Administration
    • Database Architecture
    • Help Desk
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Network and Security Engineering
    • Scrum Project Management
    • Systems and Software Engineering
    • Website Engineering
    • Technical Writer
    • Web and Graphic Design