Beacon’s Senior Solutions Director Accepted into the ACT-IAC Voyagers Program

September 21, 2012 10:09 am

Beacon is proud to announce that their Senior Solutions Director, Arash Ardalan, has been accepted into the 2012-2013 ACT-IAC Voyagers Program.

Arash was selected, in part, based on his varied background in both government and industry. His experience includes working for a large communications contractor, a leading competitive intelligence firm, and for at a top government agency’s acquisition office. Arash’s insight and perspective into the processes, communication, and collaboration involved in government contracting will be invaluable to the other members of the Voyagers Program and to ACT-IAC.

The Voyagers Program is a highly competitive leadership development program for mid-level professionals that pairs government and industry professionals together over a nine-month program, preparing them for future leadership roles within their agency or business.

Arash was originally hired in 2010 as a Business Development Manager on Beacon’s Department of the Interior’s Acquisition Services Directorate (AQD) contract. Since then, he has quickly proven his leadership ability and has grown as an integral part of Beacon’s Business Development Team, earning him his current position as Senior Solutions Director.

Beacon’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ann Marie Bryant, nominated Arash Ardalan for the program. “Arash will be a true asset to the Voyagers Program, and Beacon is extremely fortunate to have him on our team,” said Bryant. “Beacon’s vision of developing leaders is instilled within employees at all levels and roles in the organization and Arash is a prime instance of this.”

Ardalan will become a member of the distinguished ACT-IAC Fellows at the end of the program. Beacon’s Ann Marie Bryant and Marcus Fedeli are ACT-IAC graduates, respectively, of the Partner and Voyager programs. Representing some of the brightest minds within the Government technology communities, ACT-IAC Fellows are “committed to life-long leadership development, trusted collaboration, and working together to solve government’s biggest IT challenges.”

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