Beacon to Assist America’s Largest State Power Organization in Creating a World Class Training Program

August 14, 2012 10:14 am

Beacon, a strategy and management consulting firm, was awarded a contract to assist America’s largest state power organization in creating a world class training program.

Beacon will be leveraging their proprietary methodology, Performance DNA™ to conduct a benchmarking and needs analysis.  This analysis will provide clear recommendations and necessary improvements that will enhance the organization’s technical training program.  As the foundation of Performance DNA™ is human performance, Beacon’s analysis and recommendations will have a strong focus on organizational roles, functionality, outcomes, and developmental roadmaps.

“The results of this effort will be significant.  We will be reviewing this organization’s current  training measures and benchmarking the data against other similar organizations,” states Jimmy Brown, Ph.D, Beacon’s Practice Area Lead.  “Our goal is to provide training recommendations that are useful immediately, applicable in the long-term, and cost conscious.”

Beacon’s proprietary methodology Performance DNA™ is an established set of processes and tools designed to align organizational solutions to the desired outcomes.  It is designed to unlock the ‘genetic’ code to optimum performance in a way that enables that performance to be transferred throughout the organization.  Beacon has successfully implemented this approach with Global 500 organizations and Cabinet-level federal agencies.

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