Beacon Launches Elite Teaming Program

May 9, 2011 10:19 am

Beacon Associates, an award winning management and consulting company headquartered in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, is launching a partners program to share their secrets to success with elite small businesses and to identify strong small businesses for partnerships. Beacon senior management will lead the Strategic Teaming for Accelerated Results (STAR) Program, which will offer guidance and solutions for strong small and medium businesses. STAR candidates will be those businesses that seek success in the federal marketplace similar to what Beacon has created for itself—including more revenue, increased profits, and improved viability in the long term.

When CEO Carol Koffinke was asked why Beacon developed the STAR Program, she responded, “Beacon has been an extremely successful small business and we know how difficult it can be to navigate the federal marketplace and come out on top. Through the STAR Program, we can share our knowledge, experience, and expertise―the elements that have made us a leader in the Federal, local, and commercial markets. We see this program as a win-win since any company we help will become a strong potential partner in the future.”

The STAR Program will demonstrate a clear vision and a strong business model for success. The key focus will be business growth.  Through the program, companies will expand their opportunities for new business by affiliating with other companies who have similar values and complementary business competencies. Program benefits for this elite group of members includes monthly meetings with keynote speakers, strategic guidance by Beacon’s Executive Team, access to a virtual panel of experts, and the commitment to identify a viable teaming opportunity within 90 days of program entry. In addition, Beacon will provide business development and proposal support, operational consulting, and instructor-led training and e-learning.

Started in 2003, Beacon has grown from one commercial contract to 19 federal contracts in 2010 with annual revenue approaching $25 million and 200 employees.

Parties interested in learning more about the STAR program may contact Stacy Kauffman, Senior Business Development Analyst, at 443.371.3431 or

To see more: STAR Program Press Release

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