NASA HQ’s History Office Receives Civil Service / Contractor Team Award

November 4, 2014 3:27 pm
Beacon-Fusion Joint Venture (BFJV) is proud to announce that the History Office Team supporting their NASA Headquarters (HQ) contract will be awarded the NASA Civil Service/Contractor Team Award. The award recognizes a team composed of both headquarters civil service employees and contractors who have made significant contributions to the mission of headquarters or the welfare of headquarters employees.
“Our history office employees are a vital part of the larger team at HQ,” states Program Manager, Susan Phin. “These are the individuals responsible for maintaining all the important historical documents to be used for NASA outreach and in helping others to understand and learn from past successes and failures. It’s an important job and our employees do outstanding work.” The NASA History Program was started shortly after NASA itself was established nearly fifty years ago.  The history office team maintains the Historical Reference Collection (HRC) and assists with acquisitions, appraisal, arrangement, reference, preservation, and other similar requests.
Team%20Award The NASA HQ recipients of the Civil Service/Contractor Team Award: Front Row; BFJV Archivist John Hargenrader, NASA Chief Archivist Jane Odom, BFJV Archivist Elizabeth Suckow, BFJV Archivist Colin Fries. Back Row: NASA Program Assistant Nadine Andreassen, NASA Editor Yvette Smith, NASA Historian Steve Garber.

The Civil Service/Contractor Team Award was presented on October 30th at the NASA HQ Auditorium to BFJV employees: Elizabeth Suckow, Colin Fries, and John Hargenrader. The Beacon-Fusion Joint Venture (BFJV), comprised of Beacon Associates, Inc. and Media Fusion, has partnered with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on this contract since 2012 to provide library operations, archival support, information services, mail center operations, help desk, courier services, and audio-visual support.

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