BFJV Awarded Operational Support Contract at NASA Headquarters

December 6, 2012 9:43 am

Beacon-Fusion Joint Venture (BFJV), comprised of Beacon and Media Fusion, won a $20 million contract at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters (HQ) for operational support.

Beacon and joint venture partner, Media Fusion, are merging the knowledge, experience, and expertise of their individual organizations to support NASA as one cohesive team. Beacon is providing expertise in the areas of facilities, mail, archival, and courier support; whereas Media Fusion’s focus is in media production, event services, travel planning, and library operations. The BFJV team also includes MVLE, a subcontractor providing custodial support through the AbilityOne Program.

“We truly created a top-tier joint venture,” stated Ann Marie Bryant, BFJV Corporate Managing Director and Beacon’s Chief Operations Officer. “It made sense to combine Beacon’s outsourcing and performance management capabilities with Media Fusion’s media and library expertise.  We both have an intimate knowledge of NASA’s mission, its culture, and its people; and we knew that our joint team would provide NASA with a new and unique approach for their operational support.”
“We have crossed paths several times with Beacon and the opportunity to work together is a great fit with our culture, focus, and passion for customer service,” says Tim McElyea of Media Fusion.

Both Beacon and Media Fusion are longstanding contractors at NASA.  Combined, they cover five sub-agencies and support more than $50M worth of contracts.  “NASA is such an important client to us,” states Bryant. “We have been working with NASA Goddard [Space Flight Center] since 2006 and started supporting NASA Langley [Research Center] in 2012. This contract allows Beacon to continue to support NASA’s mission but also to develop relationships with a new sub-agency, new people, and a new facility.  Most importantly, we will be providing seamless and efficient support in an area where Beacon excels—program and operational support.”

“Day-to-day operational support is something you don’t want to have to think about.  It should just be something that is done, and with complete transparency and impeccability,” says Susan Phin, BFJV Program Manager.  “It’s not only our goal to provide seamless support, but we are focusing on continuous improvement and how we can improve agency processes and increase efficiencies.  We have pretty aggressive goals, but at the end of this, we plan to achieve and document significant, measurable improvement for NASA HQ.”

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